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Rocking  The Manic Kat Records 5th Anniversary Show at Olive’s in Nyack, NY on 12/14!

Reality Suite’s latest video is heavy, artistic, and educational.  “Grave” tackles the issue of self image and the dangers of cosmetic surgery.  In the age of social media, photo filters, and an endless barrage of online glamour pics it is easy for anyone to feel self conscious about what they see when they look in the mirror.  The message of the video is that one should be happy with who he or she is and not feel pressured into becoming something they are not.

“Grave” is a great tune, filled with a sad but hopeful intensity.  The song was derived from a real life experience of a cosmetic surgery that went horribly wrong, leaving singer Kimmi Heart’s childhood caregiver in a coma.  In many ways the video for the track acts as a public service announcement.

“Grave” can be found on Reality Suite’s “Awaken” Deluxe album on Lions Pride Music.  You can score a copy HERE.

Don’t miss Reality Suite at Olive’s in Nyack, NY on Saturday 12/14!  The band is rocking day 2 of the Manic Kat Records 5th Anniversary Show.  Learn more HERE.

The video for “Grave” was directed by Alex Kouvatsos of Blackwolf Imaging.  Check it out!