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Five Finger Death Punch frontman Ivan Moody recently launched a line of CBD products, Moody’s Medicinals, and it’s not because CBD items are trendy; it’s because he credits CBD for helping him get sober.

Moody spoke to Loudwire and said, “When I decided to get sober, there were a lot of chemical imbalances that came along with that, physically as well as mentally. And then there’s the day when I woke up, and I felt like a 75-, 80-year-old man. I was looking in my medicine cabinet, and there were, like, eight bottles of different medications and stuff used for anxiety, appetite and so on. It just f-cking occurred to me that I was putting all this crap in my body for something that I could do naturally.”

Moody added, “You know, growing up in Colorado, I got exposed to a lot of THC and CBD and other natural stuff. Getting sober, I was looking for a way to start turning myself away from other possible addictions. I also didn’t want to get into supplements for things that I knew how to control myself. CBD was just a no-brainer.”

To check out Moody’s complete line of CBD products, go to MoodysMedicinals.com.

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