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SKOKIE, IL - JULY 20: Gouda cheese is displayed at the Home Economist store July 20, 2004 in Skokie, Illinois. Kraft Foods, North America's largest food maker, posted a twenty-six percent drop in their quarterly profits due in part to higher dairy costs such as cheese. (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

Yep, it was just himself cutting the cheese!

If you’ve ever considered setting up an audio recording while you sleep to see if your house is haunted . . . let this be a lesson to you.

It’s probably NOT haunted by ghosts . . . but it MAY be haunted by something even more evil.

A guy on Twitter recently posted some clips from an all-night audio recording he took.  And all it picked up was . . . his FLATULENCE.  Lots and lots of flatulence.  And now his recording is going viral.


Carl Craft is studying here on earth for a short time and trying to make the most of it... with varying amounts of success. He's heard every morning on The Morning Rat Race. Sometimes he goes, "sock / shoe, sock / shoe" which we think is a sign of some kind of psychosis...