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OXFORD, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 14: The hearse containing the coffin of PC Andrew Harper arrives for his funeral service at Christ Church Cathedral on October 14, 2019 in Oxford, England. Police Constable Andrew Harper was killed whilst he responded to reported burglary on August 15 this year. (Photo by Ben Birchall - Pool/Getty Images)

Shay Bradley was terminally ill, so he decided to give his family and friends one last laugh before they said their final goodbyes. Per The Daily Mail, Bradley pre-recorded a message to be played at his funeral. The message was broadcast from a speaker put on the ground below his coffin.

In the video, Bradley is saying, “Hello, hello. Let me out,” while he is knocking. Then he continues with, “Where the f— am I? Let me out, let me out. It’s f—ing dark in here. Is that the priest I can hear. This is Shay I’m in the box. No in f—ing front of you. I’m dead.”  Afterward, he starts singing goodbye to his guests.

The funeral attendees can be seen in the video laughing.

Shay Bradley was an Irish Defense Forces veteran. See the video of his funeral prank below.

Hilarity at Irish funeral when pre-recorded message of dead man plays

Shay Bradley from Dublin passed on the 8 October following a long illness Bradley was a member of the Irish Defence Forces, the regular Irish army Message was pre-recorded before he died and played out through a speaker Mourners in Ireland couldn't believe it when they heard a voice beyond the grave at a local man's funeral.