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MANCHESTER, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 01: A Conservative Party calendar is displayed on the first day of the annual Conservative Party conference on October 1, 2017 in Manchester, England. Theresa May has targeted young voters pledging help on student fees and housing as the Conservatives gather in Manchester for their annual party conference, amid reports of growing Cabinet divisions over the Brexit strategy. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)

For Riley Horner, every day is July 11 – quite literally. The teenager’s memory resets every two hours due to a head injury.

Every morning, Horner also wakes up believing its June 11, which was the day of her injury. People explains that on this day, Riley was accidentally kicked in the head by a student crowd-surfing during a dance. Afterwards, Riley was diagnosed with a concussion, but several seizures and hospital trips have her family thinking there is more to her condition. “They tell us there’s nothing medically wrong,” her mother explains. “They can’t see anything. You can’t see a concussion though on an MRI or CT scan. There’s no brain bleed, there’s no tumor.”

To help with her memories, Riley carries detailed notes with information she can brush up on. Sadly, her uncle very recently passed away, and her parents fear that she has no idea. But as Riley said in a recent TV interview, “I will have no recollection of [this interview] come suppertime.”