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5th March 1985: Jim Henson (1936 - 1990), the creator of the muppets at the Bafta awards at the Grosvenor Hotel, London. (Photo by John Gooch/Keystone/Getty Images)

Children of the Eighties…rejoice!   Netflix is turning Jim Henson‘s The Dark Crystal into a series…and it looks good!

The original Dark Crystal was (and still is…to me at least…) an absolute classic.

Co-Directed by Jim Henson (creator of The Muppets and Sesame Street) and Frank Oz (director and performer of “Yoda”)…this film showcased Jim Henson exploring a new space with his artistry.

What’s cool about this Netflix series re-boot, is that it seems they are still going to use physical puppets to create the show.

Check out the trailer below!

– East Side Dave

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