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Yep!  Ten bucks!

Wait, what?

You heard correctly… Someone is selling a bumper sticker of OURS on Ebay.

Current asking price:  Ten Big Ones!

The seller is apparently from Pennsylvania.

So, let me get this straight:  What you can get for free at any WRAT gig someone is trying to charge for?

Check out the listing here:  CLICK 

We found this tidbit funny:  “No, the seller does not accept returns”

Seriously people, we love the support but next time just ask us and we’ll set you up for free!

Just shoot an email to ask for a bumper sticker.

Carl Craft is studying here on earth for a short time and trying to make the most of it... with varying amounts of success. He's heard every morning on The Morning Rat Race. Sometimes he goes, "sock / shoe, sock / shoe" which we think is a sign of some kind of psychosis...