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Rocking Jamians in Red Bank on 7/21 & Jenkinsons in Point Pleasant on 7/22!

This week’s Jersey Rock Band of the Week was formed over 8,500 miles away from the Garden State.  Whiskey Bear is an Indie Folk Americana Bluegrass group based in Manilla, Philippines and made up of musicians from 4 different points of origin.  Those locations include Texas, Wisconsin, Scotland, and, of course, New Jersey. All 4 members work as teachers at the International School and British School in Manilla.  A love of music and fine whiskey brought them together.

Whiskey Bear’s debut album “Hill Shack Arson” is out now.  It’s full of great string work, vocal harmony and deep lyrics.  If you like the sound of Jersey Rock vets Cold Weather Company, you will definitely dig this release.  “Hill Shack Arson” is available on spotify and soundcloud.

Whiskey Bear is currently working on their sophomore release.  While the band usually performs in the Philippines, they are in the midst of a US summer tour with 2 back-to-back performances in NJ.  On 7/21 they are in action at Jamian’s in Red Bank. The following night you can catch them at Jenkinsons in Point Pleasant. Learn more HERE.

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night at 11:30 to hear cuts from Whiskey Bear’s “Hill Shack Arson” album.  NJ native Nicole Gough will call in to the show each night.

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Check out Whiskey Bear Covering Blind Pilot!