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401161 05: A marijuana/cannabis leaf is shown February 15, 2002 in the Maripharma Laboratory in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The Dutch government is the first in the world to officially approve the cultivation and sale of cannabis products to pharmacies for medical purposes. A test by the Free Universtity in Amsterdam is conducting tests with 20 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients who seem to be experiencing great benefits from the treatment with marijuana. (Photo by Michel Porro/Getty Images)

Still yummy, though…

Dateline, Georgia.  A woman in Atlanta got a birthday cake personalized for her daughter at Dairy Queen.

Apparently she’s really into Moana… the movie…  So, she asked for a Moana cake.

But, the person at the DQ obviously heard something else, because when they got the cake home:  It was a marijuana cake.

Moana.  Marijuana.  Perhaps the Dairy Queen employee had something else on their mind (or had just toked up!).

Now, the good news is that the daughter is 25… not 10… so it really wasn’t a big deal.

Here’s mom talking about it afterwards…

And here’s the cake!

I haven’t had a chance to tell y’all about our experience this weekend with my birthday cake. So my mama called and...

Posted by Kensli Taylor Davis on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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