Jersey Rock

Hosted By Tom Hanley Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

“The Darkness + The Blinding Light” EP Out Now!

Electronic Alternative Rock Duo City Vision combines killer vocals with energetic synth sounds to create songs that are sure to make people move.  Rob Nardone’s booming Rock voice is complimented by Dar Frank’s rad skills on the keys. The fact that those skills are being put to use on a vintage Korg synthesizer totally dials the rad up to the max.  Rounding out the band are Erik Raj on bass and Vincent Auletta on guitar.

The group draws influence from the likes of U2, Third Eye Blind, M83 and Kavinsky.  Their sound definitely has a Rock meets Synthwave vibe. It’s highly accessible and full of positively charged energy.

City Vision’s “The Darkness + The Blinding Light” EP is out now.  You can score the collection of high voltage tunes on all streaming platforms and at

The video for “A Dark Strange World” comments on the exceedingly plugged-in nature of modern society.  These days, many tend to spend more time looking down at their phones and concentrating on their virtual selves than making actually real world physical connections.  City Vision makes use of a few virtual reality headsets to drive this point home. Check it out!