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Arguably the greatest Muppets film of them all (the first one)…you gotta bring the whole family to this cinematic masterpiece!

And I do not say that lightly!  The Muppet Movie debuted in theaters in 1979, and was a magical experience from beginning to end.  Amazing visuals.  Fantastic music.  And Muppets.  Lots and lots of Muppets.

To celebrate the picture’s 40th Anniversary, the flick will return to 700 theaters across Americas on July 25th and July 30th.

With cameos by Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Mel Brooks, and on and on…it’s also a star-studded film beyond compare.

Get your tickets today for The Muppet Movie…you will not be disappointed!

– East Side Dave


“Rainbow Connection”


“Movin’ Right Along”


“Can You Picture That”


“I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along”


“Rainbow Connection Finale”

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