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…If you haven’t seen the excellent HBO documentary about Game Of Thrones…I strongly encourage you to drop everything and watch it right now!

The film can be found in the On-Demand section as Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch…and it rules.

You get amazingly candid footage of table reads…where G.O.T. actors learn their characters’ fates and become quite emotional.

You also get an incredible, behind-the-scenes look at how sets, costumes, special effects, and more are created for this epic show.

I found the doc both gorgeous-looking, with beautiful shots…and also moving…as we wrap up one of the greatest programs in T.V. history.

Do yourself a favor…and check out Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch today!

– East Side Dave


Trailer for Game Of Thrones: The Last Watch


Kit Harington’s Final Day On Set


Emilia Clarke’s Final Day On Set


Creating The Night King


Kit Harington & Emilia Clarke React To Jon Killing Dany


The Cast Reacts To Arya Killing The Night King

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