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“Metal-Morph-Us” Album Out Now!

Orbynot continues to tear it up on the Jersey Rock scene with their high-octane brand of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.  The group’s latest release “Metal-Morph-Us” is packed with soaring vocals and pounding, shredding instrumentals. It is highly recommended for headbangers of all ages.  Grab a copy now at!

Orbynot’s first-ever music video would definitely make George Romero proud.  “Bury The Dead” follows a young couple as their peaceful walk through a park turns into a desperate fight for survival. The band makes an appearance in full-zombie garb to pursue their would-be victims.  Luckily, lead singer Metal Rose, happens to pass by with a shovel. It’s a fun take on the zombie genre and fits the song very well!

Stay on top of everything Orbynot is doing at where you can find links to all of their social media!

Check out the video for “Bury The Dead”!