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Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

New Single “No Goodbyes” Out Now!

It has long been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Skiver takes that statement very seriously and is all about making their mark on your memory.  They describe themselves as a “visual Rock band,” drawing influence from Rock, EDM, and J-Rock.  While the latter influence, might sound like “Jersey Rock,” it’s actually “Japanese Rock,” a scene that booming with elements of Rock, Metal and Punk.  Skiver definitely appears to take a cue from the J-Rock “Visual Ki” movement, an offshoot of Glam exemplified by such acts as X-Japan.

Skiver’s debut EP “Gloss” and their latest “No Goodbyes” and “Noise” are out now.  Check them out on spotify!

The video for “No Goodbyes” does a lot with a limited space.  Shot in one room, it makes use of great camera work to match the track’s energy.  The video was shot and directed by J.S. Ali.

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Check out the video for “No Goodbyes”!