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Darren Fisher’s These Wolves continues to produce awesome music videos.  A These Wolves video usually deals with a lot of visual story-telling.  Darren Fisher goes to great pains to scout out locations, actors and props.  However, for his acoustic video for “Dead To Me,” Fisher opted to go with something a little more simple.  Like an episode of MTV Unplugged, These Wolves’ video for “Dead To Me,” is an intimate acoustic concert.  It was filmed at AGL Studios in New Brunswick by Doug Gallo of AGL Sounds.
These Wolves recently released an EP compilation of their singles.  “In The Blood” is avaiable now at!
Stay on top of everything These Wolves is up to by following them on facebook.  Subscribing to the band’s youtube channel is highly recommended as they put out videos at a faster pace than any band on the scene.
Check out the live acoustic video for “Dead To Me” now on YouTube!