(WATCH) Jersey Rock Video of the Week: The Walk Arounds "Left Alone"

"East Coast Love” Album Out Now!

The 2019 Jersey Rock Showcase Series kicked off with a serious bang on 2/21/19 when The Walk Arounds opened up the first show at Jamian’s in Red Bank with a totally awesome set. The consensus in the crowd that evening was that we definitely picked the right band to get things going.  The Jackson Alternative Punk Rock act set the tone for the series with a powerful, musically proficient performance. Check out photos from the event at jeffcrespirocks.com!

The Walk Arounds’ “East Coast Love” album out now.  It’s filled with catchy, enjoyable tunes, that will satisfy any Punk Rocker who happens to click on the band’s soundcloud page.  Stream it HERE!

The Walk Arounds’ video for “Left Alone” was creatively shot in a tiny bathroom.  The entire band managed to fit in the small space and perform the tune . Some people sing in the shower, The Walk Arounds put on a concert.

Learn more at facebook.com/thewalkaroundsband!

“Left Alone” was mixed by Bob Pantella of Monster Magnet.  Check out the video!