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New Single Out Now!

Enough cannot be written about the artistry of Darren Fisher’s music project “These Wolves.”  Its really more a studio than a band, producing not only great music, but incredible music videos.  Every few months These Wolves releases a great new single which is instantly complimented by a killer music video.  

A lot of artists have been trying to innovate ways to reach new audiences  and avoid being quickly forgotten in the fast-paced internet age. Some groups have strayed from releasing full-length albums and have opted to release EP’s 2 or 3 times a year. Other groups have chosen to periodically put out singles in order to stay fresh.  Darren Fisher has employed an audio/visual strategy with his periodic one-two punches of singles and music videos. It’s a great approach for the highly volatile online era.

The latest video from These Wolves features Chevonne Ricci from Cevonne and The Fuzz, performing a duet with Darren Fisher.  It’s a beautifull, emotional track that is highly amplified by its haunting music video. “Holly Says Go” was filmed and edited by Alex Kovatsos at Blackwolf Imaging.  As is always the case with These Wolves, the video employs striking images shot in perfect settings.

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