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Myths on Solar?

  • Everybody thinks it is too expensive. There are many options available with no money out of pocket such as a lease or for those wanting to purchase there are no money down loans available as well. These lease and loan payments are generally less than your current electric bill.
  • That it is a fad. Solar is here to stay there are very aggressive initiatives at the state level here in NJ that will make solar more common place in the future and the industry continues to grow. In addition there is still a deferral tax credit for the next few years which makes sense for people with a tax appetite.
  • There is no savings in solar. Depending on the actual lease and the company you deal with there can be fixed leases which actually increase your savings each year. Utility rates go up year after year but when you sign with a fixed lease company that lease is fixed for the next 20 years so as utility rates go up your solar payment stays the same. It is actually a great option for people on a fixed budget.

Why go Solar?

  • Savings. If you go with a no money out of pocket lease you are seeing savings of 30-50% initially depending on the utility company you have in NJ as well as the percentage that we are offsetting your bill with the production of the system.
  • If you have the money to purchase the breakeven can be under 5 years and then it starts making money for you at that point. All of that with a minimal electric bill of the standard utility surcharges.

Benefits of Lease vs Purchase?

  • With a lease there is no money out of pocket and you are seeing savings month 1. In addition if you get a fixed lease the savings will go up since utility rates go up every year.
  • There is no maintenance fees. If something breaks or has squirrel damage the lease company is responsible for repairs.
  • The lease company is monitoring the system and if there is a dip in production they will send someone out to see what the issue is.

What differentiates us from other companies?

  • We can turn around projects as little as 6-8 weeks depending on weather when other bigger companies are looking at a 4-6 month installation date.
  • Our lease company is backed by a company right here in NJ. You aren’t calling a company in California or overseas to speak to a representative.
  • Our attention to detail with the installation. Most of the guys on our crew have been with us for years. They are efficient and get the project done in a timely fashion.
  • Our lease is fixed. There is no escalator unless you choose one. We do have other options available but our fixed lease is by far the most popular.

Our current lease is in place until December 31st and depending on your utility company you can save as much as 50% off your current electric utility charges.

Here is the link for NJR Clean Energy Ventures info.

Reliable Power & Solar