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New Album “The Jailbirds” out on 2/8!

Middletown native Matty Carlock is an ever-evolving artist.  His talent span the genres of Hardcore, Folk Rock, Punk, and even Rap.  His recent collaboration with Asbury Park Hip Hop star Bulletproof Belv offers great proof of his creativity and versatility.

While it is not unheard of for an artist to exist across multiple genres, Matty Carlock does it with an ease and frequency that is rare.  He is a driven soul and there’s much more to his motivation than just the desire to perform and produce music. Hints of that motivation can be found in the name he picked for his music company “115 Tindall Road” as well as his latest music video.

“Young And F*cked Up” is more than just a high-energy anthem.  The video is an archive of Carlock’s youth, chronicling his life on and off the stage.  Through a quick-cutting patchwork of home movies and concert footage, Carlock sits atop a garbage can on the side of a well-known local convenience store, not too far from where they shot Clerks.  He’s an un-Silent Bob telling us what got him to this point in time.

The video provides a great glimpse into the Hardcore scene of the late 1990’s and 2000’s. It features tour footage from Shattered Realm, Shai Hulud, Funeral For A Friend and BACK AND FORTH.  However the most provocative footage is the personal videos that are placed throughout the work. We see a younger Carlock, his bandmates, his friends, and a few glimpses of someone special who is no longer with us.   

To learn more about the motivation behind “Young And F*cked UP” check out the great article did on Matty Carlock in January.

Matty Carlock’s “Jailbirds” album will be released on Friday 2/8.  You can pre-order the vinyl now at!

Learn more at

“Young And F*cked Up” was shot by Mike Oliva and Rob Sellig.  It was directed and edited by Matty Carlock.  Check it out!