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Today marks the Twentieth Anniversary of arguably the greatest show in television history…The Sopranos!

The utterly brilliant program debuted on HBO on January 10th, 1999…and remains a work of pure genius to this day.

The Sopranos ushered in a new Golden Era for T.V. that still exists to this day by giving audiences cinema-worthy story-telling on the small screen.

Shows that have a movie quality to them (Game Of Thrones, Stranger Things, Homeland, etc.) may not even exist without The Sopranos breaking ground first.

So let’s celebrate twenty years of The Sopranos with this awesome video collection!  Bada-bing!

– East Side Dave

The Sopranos: Greatest Moments


The Sopranos: Funniest Moments


The Sopranos: Top Ten Episodes


The Sopranos: Murder Compilation


The Sopranos: Best One-Liners



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