East Side Dave's Top 5 New Year's Eve Movie Moments!

On this New Year's Eve, let us bring in 2019 with a wonderful (and combative) list...it's our Top 5 New Year's Eve Movie Moments!   Let the debate begin! 

Thanks for joining us on 95.9 The RAT for the past year...and here's to a most awesome 2019!   Happy New Year! 

- East Side Dave


5.) Forrest Gump

Forrest and Lieutenant Dan ring in the New Year by partying with some ladies and getting destroyed by hella confetti.


4.) Trading Places

Three simple words..."Merry New Year!"


3.) When Harry Met Sally

A heart-warming part where Harry.....um.....meets Sally.....and finally wins her over!


2.) Ocean's 11

The original Ocean's 11 to be exact.  Their heist takes place on New Year's Eve and is fantastic.


1.) The Godfather Part II

Michael Corleone celebrates the New Year.....by giving his brother Fredo the kiss of death!