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VIDEO: Metallica, TSO Collide in Wild Mashup

When most think of Metallica, “holiday cheer” isn’t the first phrase that likely comes to mind, but add in some Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and then suddenly, everyone’s tune changes.  

That’s what YouTube’s DJ Cummerbund probably had in mind when he dropped a new mashup on us just in time for Christmas called “Time Marches On (For Carol The Bell Tolls),” which combines Metallica’s “From Whom The Bell Tolls” and TSO’s “Carol of the Bells.”

And because DJ Cummerbund is a wrestling enthusiast, the video also contains some gruesome clips from 2005’s Santa’s Slay, a holiday horror film starring WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg as an evil Santa.

Enjoy the very bizarre clip below, and just so there are no surprises, the video does contain some very NSFW imagery, so consider yourself warned.

DJ Cummerbund - Time Marches On (For Carol The Bell Tolls)

I woke up the other morning from a pretty vivid fever dream. In this dream, I was visited at my home by three men on horseback - Randy "Macho Man" Savage, James Hetfield, and Colm Wilkinson.

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