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We are thrilled that Radiohead (one of the best bands in the world) has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame!  And in order to celebrate, we have made a list!  Because people love lists!

Throughout the years, Radiohead has made several amazing music videos…and that’s what we’re focusing on!

Enjoy…Radiohead’s Top 5 Videos Of All Time (in our humble opinion)!


5.) “Karma Police”

Let’s get this started off right.  The video for “Karma Police” is vintage Radiohead.  Dark.  Creepy.  Mysterious.  Awesome.


4.) “Street Spirit (Fade Out)”

An incredible clip for this brilliant song from The Bends, “Street Spirit” is beautiful and haunting.


3.) “Burn The Witch”

A relatively new video, “Burn The Witch” take 1960’s stop-motion animation into a gothic and fantastic direction.


2.) “Paranoid Android”

An absolutely epic video for an epic song.


1.) “Just”

“Just” is more than a simple music video.  It plays like a short film.  Combined with one of Radiohead’s most electric rock songs, this is a fantastic example of what the band is all about.


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