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Debut EP “Colors, Space And Time” Out Now!

The Dead Ramblers is an Ocean County Psychedelic Blues Rock Trio made up of former Wicked Hollow members Tyler Veit, Anthony Marino, and Andrew Lawler.  The band’s influences include The Jimi Hendrix Experience, Cream, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and The Doors.

The Dead Ramblers’ debut album “Colors, Space, And Time” is out now.  It was recorded at singer Tyler Veit’s own home, using the skills he obtained at Ocean County Vocational Tech School.  The album has something of a live, organic feel and definitely builds on the sound the bandmates crafted during their time in Wicked Hollow.  It’s funky, bluesy, and totally rocks hard!

“Colors, Space, And Time” is available on most streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm to hear cuts from The Dead Ramblers debut EP.  Tyler Veit and Andrew Lawler will call in to the show each night!

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Check out The Dead Ramblers’ Video for “Dead Man”!