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Jersey Rock

Hosted By Tom Hanley Tue., Wed. & Thur. 11:30pm

Rocking The 2nd Annual Makin Waves Hunger Benefit at The Asbury Park Yacht Club on Friday 11/16!

In 2017 Jersey Rock veteran Matty Carlock teamed with Asbury Park Hip Hop star Bulletproof Belv to release “Dark City Lights.”  The acclaimed Pop tune features a blend of folk and rap. While bands like The Beastie Boys, Papa Roach, and Linkin Park have blurred the lines between Rock and Rap, what Bulletproof Belv and Matty Carlock achieved with “Dark City Lights” is something completely different.

Fans of Pop will no doubt enjoy the official release of the song off Bulletproof Belv’s “11:11: Wishful Thinking” album.  It’s a great work that deserves all of the positive attention it has received. The song however takes on a completely different nature when it is done in a more organic fashion.  Watching Bulletproof Belv and Matty Carlock perform “Dark City Lights” in a small room with nothing more than two stools and an acoustic guitar is something else.  The term “groundbreaking” comes to mind.

You can catch Matty Carlock and Bulletproof Belv in action at The Asbury Park Yacht Club this Friday 11/16 for the 2nd Annual Makin Waves Hunger Benefit.  It’s part of a 2 day event at both Langosta Lounge and The Asbury Park Yacht Club to benefit Food For Thought, a non-profit organization formed to help feed the homeless and hungry during the holiday season.  Learn more about the event HERE!

You can score a download of Bulletproof Belv’s “11:11: Wishful Thinking” album on

Matty Carlock’s “Loveless” album is also available at

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Check out the video for “Dark City Lights (After Hours)”: