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After dropping the first single from their sixth studio album back in September, Rival Sons is back with a bold new preview of their upcoming album, Feral Roots.

“Back In The Woods” can be heard below and is one of 11 tracks off Feral Roots, which will come out January 25.

This will be Rival Sons’ first release since being signed by Atlantic Records, and vocalist Jay Buchanan and guitarist Scott Holiday discussed the big label move recently on Talkin’ Rock with Meltdown:  

Holiday:  “Absolutely, yeah; we’re happy to be part of this label and be on this big machine.  We’ve been on a label [England-based indie label Earache Records]…a label that worked really hard for us but didn’t really pay attention to the United States and didn’t have big budgets or anything like that. Now we’re with one of the most legendary, wonderful labels ever with a really great group of people helping us out.

Buchanan: “It’s almost counterintuitive to think of the people on such a large label coming from the generation of knowing, ‘Well, when you get with the big label, it’s all over.  They’re going to run the show. You’re going to have to…’ I can’t believe how great it’s been to work with them.”

Holiday:  “It feels so good to sell out.”

Buchanan:  “[They’re] hands off in the right places AND hands-on in the right places.”

Feral Roots is currently available for pre-order on multiple platforms here with exclusive pre-order vinyl pressings available at WarnerMusic.com.  (Complete track listing is below, as well as the Rival Sons interview in its entirety.)

Rival Sons – Feral Roots – Track Listing

  1. Do Your Worst
  2. Sugar on the Bone
  3. Back in the Woods
  4. Look Away
  5. Feral Roots
  6. Too Bad
  7. Stood By Me
  8. Imperial Joy
  9. All Directions
  10. End of Forever
  11. Shooting Stars 

(Interview begins at the 15:26 mark.)

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