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New Single Out Now!

Darren Fisher is at it again with his music project These Wolves. The band continues to produce a steady stream of strong tunes and high-quality music videos.  The latest single “No Ocean” deals with the theme of overcoming depression. It’s a great track about battling adversity and finding the inner strength to pull one’s self out of the dark depths.  Score a download now at

The music video was produced by Alex Kouvastsos of Blackwolf Imaging and uses a literal ocean of water to illustrate the song’s meaning.  Featuring beautiful footage of a stormy Atlantic Ocean and the band playing under drivin rain generated by Fisher’s DIY rain machine, the imagery of “No Ocean” is literally palpable.  Be sure to keep a towel close by.

Stay tuned to These Wolves on youtube for more great music videos!

The band’s first single “Dead To Me” is featured on the Jersey Rock Weekly Podcast Halloween Special.  Check it out here!

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Watch the video for “No Ocean”!