Check This Out…

Have you ever opened your door to pass out candy on Halloween to a cute little superhero or princess?

Then, to your surprise, a teen appears at your door and says “trick-or-treat.”

You hesitate for a moment and as you reach for some more candy to pass out, you think to yourself, “Isn’t this kid too old to trick-or-treat?”

If you’ve ever had that thought run through your mind, you’re not alone.

In fact, some towns have taken drastic measures to deter teens from trick-or-treating.

According to KUTV, several towns in Virginia consider it a federal offense for teens to trick-or-treat.

Moreover, if a teen is caught trick-or-treating in those towns, they could face up to six months in jail.

For example, in Chesapeake, Virginia, city code states that if any individual over the age of 12 is caught trick-or-treating, they will be responsible for paying a fine between $25 to $100 and/or could be sentenced to six months in jail.

How would you feel if your town had a law about trick-or-treating that resembled Chesapeake, Virginia’s city code?

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