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TORONTO, ON - SEPTEMBER 05: (L-R) Musicians Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge attend the premiere of "It Might Get Loud" during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival held at Ryerson Theatre on September 5, 2008 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by Malcolm Taylor/Getty Images)

U2’s The Edge, who celebrates a birthday today (August 8), is not only a member of one of the greatest bands of all time, but he’s also a star in one of the greatest music movies of all time in 2008’s It Might Get Loud.

The whole premise of the film is based around one sentence that’s shown at the beginning of the film:  “On January 23, 2008, three musicians came together to discuss the electric guitar.”

Of course, when those three musicians are Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White, it’s safe to say some magic is going to happen.

The entire film is one giant highlight reel, but in honor of the Edge’s birthday, here are six scenes that stand out.


Jack White makes a guitar

If you’re not blown away by this scene, you need to reexamine your life.

It Might Get Loud | "Jack White Builds a Guitar Then Plays It" Official Clip (2009)

A clip from the Sony Pictures Classics archive. IT MIGHT GET LOUD Directed by Davis Guggenheim

Page, The Edge, White Play U2’s “I Will Follow”

There’s something special about the interaction of each guitarist learning each other’s riffs.

I Will Follow - The Edge, Jimmy Page and Jack White

As a part of "It Might Get Loud" documentary, The Edge teams up with Jack White and Jimmy Page to play U2's song, "I Will Follow"

Jimmy Page listening to Link Wray’s “Rumble”

Jimmy Page fanning out and playing air guitar is quite the sight which is only rivaled by his music room that houses his record collection.

Jimmy Page Listening to Rumble.avi

Here's a short clip from the documentary "It Might Get Loud". Page is listening to Rumble by Link Wray and his Ray Men. It's cool to see a Rock Legend like Page really impressed with someone else's music.

The story behind “Seven Nation Army” 

We don’t know what we like more:  The actual story behind this White Stripes track or the way Page and The Edge are enamored by the riff/hook when learning how to play it.

Seven Nation Army - It Might Get Loud

Rock icons -- Jimmy Page, the Edge and Jack White -- from three different generations come together to discuss the electric guitar and their musical influences. The men swap stories and crank up their instruments on an empty soundstage for a jam session.

The Edge playing “Elevation” without pedals

Everyone knows The Edge is pretty much a scientist when it comes to using pedals, but this clip is just ridiculous.

U2's The Edge playing Elevation without effects

What The Edge is actually playing....

Jimmy Page playing “Whole Lotta Love”

Looking at White and The Edge trying to keep it together while Page plays the opening riff from “Whole Lotta Love” makes us feel better about fanning out while watching this scene.

Jimmy Page 'Whole Lotta Love' Clinic HD

A cara que o The Edge e o Jack White fazem quando o Page começa a tocar não tem preço. Parecem duas crianças dentro de uma loja de doces. Imperdível!!! "The Edge and Jack White, like two kids in a candy store when Page starts playing. Priceless!!"


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Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice.