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If you’re a big Star Wars fan like I am (I often refer to myself as Davey-Wan Kenobi), you will be incredibly surprised and over-joyed to learn that the brilliant animated series, The Clone Wars, will return for a seventh and final season!   

Disney and Lucasfilm made this unbelievable and unexpected announcement with a surprise trailer (which you can watch below) during the San Diego Comic Con this past weekend!

Oh, my Yoda!  My prayers have been answered!   Expect The Clone Wars to make its comeback on Disney’s streaming service (which is scheduled to debut in 2019)!

And may the Force be with you!

East Side Dave (a.k.a. Davey-Wan Kenobi)


Bonus Video: The Star Wars Show discusses The Clone Wars returning! 


(Bonus Photo: Yoda & Davey-Wan Kenobi)


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