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Nine words from Axl Rose led to a full-on riot 27 years ago today (July 2.)

Of course, there are plenty of other concert moments that will live in infamy.  Here are just five moments that have reached legend status.


Axl Rose & the Riverport Riot

Admittedly, the above description sounds like an amazing band name, but what wasn’t amazing was the riot that ensued at a Guns N’ Roses show in Maryland Heights, Mo. on July 2, 1991 when Axl Rose cut the set short after seeing a fan in the crowd with a camera.  Cut to the infamous “Well, thanks to the lame-ass security, I’m going home!” line….and cue riot!

Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen + Riot - Live In St. Louis - 14/14

Guns N' Roses - Rocket Queen + Riot - Live In St. Louis - 14/14 axl jumps in the crowd in the middle of the song and starts a riot! *no copyright infrigiment intention*

Ozzy & the Bat

Another classic!  At a January 20, 1982 show in Des Moines, Iowa, a fan threw a dead bat onto the stage.  Ozzy thought it was a toy bat. (Oops!) Of course, after the show was when he went to the hospital for a round of rabies shots.  FUN!

Ozzy Osbourne Bites Bats Head Off!

Famous moment in rock n roll history when legendary metal icon Ozzy Osbourne bit this unconcious bats head off!

L7 & the Tampon

L7 was on the bill at the 1992 Reading Festival.  The band experienced some technical difficulties during their set, which led to the crowd to start throwing mud at the stage.  So, how did frontwomen Donita Sparks respond? She reached into her pants, pulled out her tampon and threw it into the crowd while telling them to, “Eat my used tampon, f*ckers!”  Never has a moment been both badass and revolting.

L7 - 100 Greatest Metal Moments: Bloody Tampon & One-Night Stand Raffle L7 pops up twice in a music cable channel's countdown of the "100 Greatest Metal Moments": At #94 for the infamous incident at the 1992 Reading Festival where singer Donita Sparks flung her used tampon into the rowdy crowd; and at #22 for the time the band raffled off a one-night stand with drummer Dee Plakas at a show in London in 2000.

Billie Joe’s Breakdown

Green Day were booked to perform at the 2012 iHeart Radio Music Festival, and their set was reduced by 20 minutes so pop acts could have more stage time.  Billie gave everyone an earful, however, things weren’t what they seemed. This incident shined a light on Billie’s substance abuse issues, and he shortly checked into rehab.

Green Day Billie Joe freaks out at the I Heart Radio Music Festival and smashes guitar

Green Day had their set cut in half so Usher could have more time. Billie is drunk and freaks out and him and Mike smash their gear.

Rage Gets Naked

Rage Against the Machine made a big impression on fans attending the Philadelphia stop on the 1993 Lollapalooza tour.  (Awww….remember when Lolla was a tour?) Anyway, Rage took to the stage naked and stood in protest of the Parents Music Resource Center while feedback played for their entire 15-minute set.  If you wish to see a censored still photo of this incident, click here.  (Side note:  Can’t help but notice that Tim Commerford has the smallest pixelated area among his bandmates.)  

Rage Against the Machine - Lollapalooza 1993

Rage Against the Machine Lollapalooza 1993 120 Minutes Interviews + Live Clips Visit for RATM news and discussion!


Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock blogger that loves the smell of old vinyl in the morning.

Erica Banas is a rock/classic rock news blogger who's well versed in etiquette and extraordinarily nice.