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New Single Out Now!

Saddle Brook’s Darren Fisher continues to lead the pack with high quality singles and accompanying music videos.  These Wolves’ songs are full of drama, power and the magnetism needed to appeal to a massive audience. Keep an eye on this group.  Just 3 months after being featured as the Jersey Rock Video of the Week Band, Fisher’s project is at it again.  The video for their latest single “Enough Is Enough” is full of symbolism, great cinematography, and a seriously rocking track.

“Enough Is Enough” was filmed and edited by Austin Hein Productions. Cutting between an story featuring masked pursuers and shots of the band performing, the video does an excellent job of building dramatic tension towards a satisfying climax.  It deals with the theme of digging for inner strength to repel one’s demons. 

Keep an eye out for another new single and music video from These Wolves soon! 

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