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Nine Inch Nails are going old school with their upcoming batch of tour dates with The Jesus and Mary Chain.

Tickets for the “Cold and Black and Infinite” North American tour will go on sale Saturday, May 19 (Sunday, May 20 for the Denver show date.)  However, the only way to get tickets is buy purchasing them in person, so dig up an old foldable lawn chair, because you’re going to want to be comfortable in line.  Complete ticket details can be found at NIN.com/Tickets 2018.  A complete list of tour dates is below.

As if that news weren’t enough, NIN also announced they’ll be releasing the EP Bad Witch on June 22, with vinyl pre-orders available at Store.NIN.com. (Track listing below.)

Nine Inch Nails w/The Jesus and Mary Chain – 2018 North American Tour Dates

9/13-9/14 – Phoenix, Ariz.
9/18-9/19 – Morrison, Col.
9/24 – Memphis, Tenn.
9/26-9/27 – Atlanta, Ga.
9/29 – Nashville, Tenn.
10/9 – Washington, D.C.
10/13-10/14 – New York, N.Y.
10/19-10/20 – Boston, Mass.
10/22-10/23 – Detroit, Mich.
10/25/10/26 – Chicago, Ill.
11/23/11/24 – New Orleans, La.
11/27-11/28 – Irving, Texas
12/3 – San Francisco, Calif.
12/7-12/8, 12/11-12/12 – Los Angeles, Calif.


Nine Inch Nails – Bad Witch – Track Listing

“Shit Mirror”
“Ahead of Ourselves”
“Play The Goddamned Part”
“God Break Down The Door”
“I’m Not From This World”
“Over And Out”

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