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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out in digital format (and is due out on Blu-Ray and DVD on March 27th), and there are some awesome behind-the-scenes featurettes available!  We’ve got a sampling for YOU right here!

I know there were some haters with The Last Jedi, but as a die-hard Star Wars fan and someone who has now seen the film multiple times, I really feel strongly that it is a truly great movie.  Layered, rich, and unique, The Last Jedi takes us into unfamiliar ground with the Force that other Star Wars movies did not.

Plus, Luke Skywalker is badass in the flick.  And John Williams is yet again brilliant with his incredible score.  Combined with Kylo Ren and Rey’s epic lightsaber fight against Snoke’s guards, the awesome battle sequences, and the surprising twist at the end, this movie delivers in every way possible.

Check out these insightful and cool behind-the-scenes videos of The Last Jedi!

And may the RAT be with you!

 – East Side Dave


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