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Hosted by Tom Hanley Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 11:30 pm

Rocking The Final Jersey Rock Showcase at River Rock in Brick on Thursday 3/8!

Brick’s Wynward is a rising Alternative Rock star on the Jersey Rock scene.  The recently reborn band is known for putting on powerful, driving performances and pumping out meticulously crafted compositions.  Drawing influence from the likes of Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and The Foo Fighters, the group would have no trouble fitting in the Seattle Music scene of the late 80’s/early 90’s. At the same time Wynward is not shy about sporting it’s Metal edge, inspired by a certain San Francisco-based group known for spending time in Old Bridge.

Wynward is serious about their music, but they don’t always take themselves seriously.  If you ever happen to catch their alter-ego, Lazer Scorpyon, you’ll know what I mean.

Wynward’s debut album “Tides” is out now.  It is an excellent effort that makes a serious statement about the group’s presence on the scene. You can score a copy of the LP now at

Don’t miss Wynward at the FINAL Jersey Rock Showcase of the season at River Rock in Brick on Thursday ⅜.  The band will close the series out with Bobby Mahoney and The Seventh Son and The Taylor Tote Band.  Doors are at 7pm.  The show is ages 21+.  Admission is FREE and there will be $3 Yuengling specials all night courtesy of Shore Point Distributing.  More info on the facebook event page.

Following their performance on the Jersey Rock Showcase Series, Wynward will open for The Veer Union at The Brighton Bar in Long Branch on 4/15.  More info on the facebook event page.

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat Wednesday night at 11:30.  Wynward Bassist Nick Abatemarco will call in to the show and we’ll rock a great track from the “Tides” album.    

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Check out the video for “Give Up”: