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Mark Hamill (a.k.a. Luke Skywalker) will get a much-deserved and long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame!  It’s about time!   

Mark will be honored on March 8th with his very own star on Hollywood Boulevard at 11:30 AM (Pacific Time).

Star Wars creator George Lucas, and the original Han Solo, Harrison Ford, will be there to induct Mark!

To commemorate this event, we thought we’d make a Top 5 list of Luke Skywalker’s Most Memorable Moments!

Enjoy!  The RAT rocks!

– East Side Dave


5.) Luke stares off into the binary sunset.

A simple but classic moment, complete with John Williams’ brilliant score, this clip shows Luke’s yearning for adventures in other worlds.


4.) Luke Skywalker Vs. the Rancor Monster.

Jabba the Hutt tries to turn Luke into lunch for the Rancor Monster…but Skywalker is not on the menu!


3.) The Jedi Master has been found.

The Resistance has been searching for the hidden Jedi Master, and Rey has finally found him.


2.) Luke blows up the first Death Star.

“The Force is strong with this one,” says Darth Vader.  Damn straight, Vader.  He’s about to destroy your fancy space-base.


1.) “I am your Father.”

Arguably the most important moment in Luke’s life, he learns that his ancestry is…a little dark.


"East Side" Dave McDonald. Co-Host Of The Morning Rat Race.