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Big Changes Are Coming To Instagram That You Need To Know About

Instagram just keeps changing daily, and it's so hard to keep up, but these new features are going to change your experience. 

Currently, if you are using Instagram Stories, you are posting your own content, but that may change with the newest feature that Instagram is rolling out and is currently in a test phase.

When going to "Share" an Instagram post that isn't yours to another person, the new function will give you the option to repost that person's story to your Stories feed, according to TechCrunch.

Currently, it doesn't seem to be rolled out yet to Business Users over 10K so I can't test the quality right now. However, this will be fun for people wanting to repost photos or video that they are included in without having to use a Third-Party App to do so.

Here's an example of how it works:

How to re-share an Instagram post to your Story

Here's a demo of Instagram's reshare-to-Story feature. It's kind of like regramming, but only for posting to Stories. Video clips via Zachary Shakked


So with the example, it shows that it does attach the name of the user to the story, so that is helpful, and you won't have to worry about art being stolen or copyright issues. You can, however, opt out to letting people share your content. There will be a function in your options menu that has a toggle button, "Allow Resharing to Stories."


As if that wasn't enough within changes, so comes the end of the days of creeping. Though Instagram had employed this function before, it looks like it's back with a vengeance: alerting people if you've screenshot their stories.

mulan on Twitter

Good bye freedom to screenshot IG stories. ???? Thank you, Instagram for the warning.

iz reading On the Edge of Scandal ???? on Twitter

PSA: How you get notified on Instagram when someone took a screenshot of your Stories


There has been no note just yet when it comes to when any of these functions are going to take effect, but better safe to know now than get caught creeping later?


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