(Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images)

The Best Videos From The Eagles Super Bowl Parade!

It was pandemonium in Philadelphia yesterday as around two million Eagles fans took to the streets to celebrate their team winning the Super Bowl!  

And we have some of the best videos!  Take a gander!  The RAT rocks!

- East Side Dave


Eagles fan climbs up a light-pole to dance!


Eagles head coach Doug Pederson catches a beer (while in the bus) one-handed!


Some fans took to running on top of the Port O' Potties!  (Language NSFW)


Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce dressed up like a green genie and parties with fans!


Even the Philly cops were enjoying the moment...until their boss showed up!

Philly cops having fun and dancing with Eagles fans at the championship parade, till the boss man notices. from funny