(Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Conspiracy! The NFL Wanted The Patriots In The Super Bowl!

Let me first admit that I'm a conspiracy theorist.  I believe in Area 51.  I am dubious of the Magic Bullet Theory.  

And now, there's this.  I think that the NFL, controlled by their sinister and shadowy commissioner, Roger Goodell (a.k.a. The Football Emperor), pushed the New England Patriots through to the Super Bowl to secure some decent ratings for the game.

It has been well-known that the NFL television ratings have declined this year (in fact, they went down ten percent...which is quite substantial according to media experts).

And for this turbulent 2017 football season to end with the relatively unknown Jacksonville Jaguars in the Super Bowl?  It would have been an unmitigated ratings disaster for Goodell.

Hence, the referees were given a missive: Get the Patriots to Super Bowl LII so that the big game has some star power (Tom Brady & Bill Belechick).

Yes, it's controversial!   But look at the evidence!

- East Side Dave


Exhibit A.  The head official congratulates Tom Brady after the Pats' victory with a slap on the back.  Is this normal?!  Heck, no!!


Exhibit B.  Why is this ref so happy after a Patriots touchdown?!  Probably because he's getting a nice bonus from Goodell for getting the Pats closer to the win!!


Exhibit C.  The Pats were penalized just once for 10 yards, while the Jags were hit with six penalties for 98 yards.


The evidence is clear!  A football conspiracy of the highest order has been committed and perpetrated by the NFL to help the Patriots!

Case closed!

- East Side Dave