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Amy Cooper / ACRONYM

Today is Rob Zombie‘s Birthday, and we know that Rob is always down to party. 

We call Rob Zombie the “Ultimate Showman” because his concerts are well planned with lighting, ambiance, and excitement, and when he’s not performing, he’s lifting up other talented acts, and even shares photos from his shows from photographers that have had the chance to shoot – AND CREDITS THEM! (You have no idea how amazing and awesome that is because most just steal the photo with no credit.)

When performing, a lot of bands are just jamming out center stage (which we’re not shaming anyone – but it can get boring) or high kicking in the wrong direction (or kicking people in the camera, JOSH HOMME). But not Rob. He has perfected his showmanship over the years and for those who haven’t seen Mr. Zombie in concert, not only is it great music, but it’s a full theatrical performance.

For example, his 2010 stint at Rock On The Range donned smoke machines and headstones on stage to add to the macabre. 7 years later, Rob Zombie is high kicking into action and is probably one of the most limber rockstars of our generation. Case in point, look at this move:

Amy Cooper / ACRONYM


And if that isn’t enough, he sticks up for the kids.  So many people get critical online, and at least when it came to Baby Metal, Rob wasn’t going to let anyone be a bully. he began leaving his two cents on comments on Facebook after people began dissing the girls when a video was shared.

The Metal Punk Strikes Back

Gotta love Rob Zombie!! -SK


How do you like that? An amazing performer, and advocate of the kids.

Check out the gallery here of one of his concerts in 2017, in which Rob was the headliner and was giving his all.



Amy Cooper is one with the force and the force is with her.