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In honor of The Sopranos debuting on T.V. on January 10th, 1999, we’ve compiled a killer list…The Top 5 Celebrity Cameos on the show!

The rules are simple…these are celebs who portray themselves on the program that Entertainment Weekly called “The Greatest Show In Television History.”

Enjoy the clips!  And the language…is definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK!  Bada Bing!

– East Side Dave


5.) Frank Sinatra, Jr.  

The JUNIOR “Chairman Of The Board” was at the infamous poker game (which also featured another entry on this list) that Tony and his buddies ran.


4.) Daniel Baldwin

Daniel Baldwin was the star of Christopher’s movie, Cleaver, playing a character a little too close to Tony.


3.) David Lee Roth

Check out the Van Halen frontman at the aforementioned card game!


2.) Eric Mangini

The former Jets head coach is dining at Artie Bucco’s restaurant (Vesuvio’s) in this quick clip!


1.) Jon Favreau, Janeane Garofalo, Sandra Bernhard

The director of Ironman and two famous comedians are featured in this one…as Christopher gives some dialogue tips!

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