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New EP “Atlantic City” Available Now!

Skrizzly Adams closed out 2017 with a bang.  The singer/songwriter/beef jerky entrepreneur cranked out a number of new singles, a brand new EP and a great new music video last year.  Skrizzly Adams is a hard worker, who never lets up.  That quality shines through in his latest effort “Atlantic City.”  It’s a great collection of tracks featuring authentic lyrics and artisan-level production.  You can score a copy of the new EP now on iTunes.

Skrizzly Adams will begin 2018 on tour.  No NJ dates have been announced yet.  The closest date currently scheduled is in Boston at the end of March.  Stay on top of Skrizzly’s touring schedule at

One of the more popular tour items for Skrizzly Adams is his own brand of beef jerky.  You can score your own bag of Skrizzly Adams Beef Jerky at

The new video for “Tipping Point” is a well-produced, broadcast-grade work that easily compliments the song.  “Tipping Point” has been rocked on Jersey Rock more than once.  It’s a great track that won the the International Songwriting Competition Grand Prize in 2015.

Learn more at

Check out the video for “Tipping Point”: