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iPhone Users Are Going To Roll Their Eyes Over This News

Recently, news surfaced that suggested an Apple update was slowing down older iPhone models. Long story short, iPhone users were not happy.

Fast forward a few days and a lawsuit was filed against Apple. Apple had remained relatively quiet regarding the accusations until today when they released a statement. (Click here to read said statement.)

According to Apple, they have no intentions of shortening the life of your Apple products. Rather, Apple claims they had good intentions with their update, as it aimed to extend battery life.

Here's where the eye roll comes in ... are you ready for it? In the interest of appeasing their customers, Apple has decided to reduce the cost of replacing an iPhone battery for customers whose warranties have expired. The price has been reduced to $29 -- a $50 savings.

Okay, maybe that's fair ... or maybe they could just replace the batteries free of charge.

Am I right ...

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