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Between the words of the director, the actors, and some of these key points, you may turn to the light too.

Rian Johnson, who’s been slammed by some ‘Star Wars’ fans for making such a “different film” and not going along with what typical fan theories would suggest, speaks about the moments he had while working on the film. The video below, which was posted back in late October, has a lot more context now if you’ve seen the film, and you can understand what was going through everyone’s minds while making ‘The Last Jedi.’

“Waking up the ramp, waling through the hallway, I flashback to when I was a kid, and with the action figures inside… Suddenly I had a big lump in my throat,” says Johnson, which is something I think everyone who wants to blame Johnson for their dislike of the film forgets.

‘The Last Jedi’ was created by a team of people who absolutely love ‘Star Wars’ and for most of them, it was a big part of their lives for many years before ‘The Last Jedi’ came to be. They weren’t doing anything to wreck the legacy – they were making it everlasting by creating a new strength in the cast that was moving forward. With so many characters on their way out, they are making a new pathway for the fresh Jedi, and proving that this galaxy can continue without the Skywalkers as the main focus.


There are many arguments online where people are complaining about what kind of Luke Skywalker we got in this film. Without spoiling too much, many find Luke to be too aloof about his Jedi responsibilities, along with being frustrated about how he rounds out the end of the film, behaving as if he’s invincible (which, he is, basically). One complaint, which came with ‘The Force Awakens’ as well as ‘The Last Jedi’ was that Luke “ran away” from Kylo Ren and The First Order by hiding on an island, instead of standing to fight. When you look at other Jedi Masters, they were much the same:

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People that are aggravated about how the newest ‘Star Wars’ film played out also seem to be frustrated with the fact that nobody could have predicted half of the plot. Even though the film had a pattern-type like ‘The Empire Strikes Back,’ the fresh perspective is something they can’t get passed, and aren’t taking into account all the variables, especially with the death in ‘The Force Awakens,’ while 1 died in real life (Rest In Peace, Carrie Fisher).



Another main point is there are new fans of the films that are being generated. Young kids that are going with their parents, who are learning that you don’t technically have to be a Skywalker to be a Jedi. There’s a slew of new people that these kids can look up to, and a legacy that can continue for generations, while still being respectful to the Skywalker lineage. Not only is that good from a marketing aspect, as Disney has taken over the ‘Star Wars‘ franchise, but it means we can continue with well thought out storylines. And here’s a fun fact: if you don’t like it, you don’t have to watch it.


So, when going for someone’s jugular based on their opinion, swinging your pretend lightsaber through your keyboards, just remember – you don’t HAVE TO LIKE IT, but you don’t need to force choke the people who do.


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