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The deluxe edition of Avenged Sevenfold‘s latest album, The Stage, features one brand new song among its extras.

Frontman M. Shadows tells us that “Dose” is an outtake from the original sessions that A7X unearthed when it decided to release the expanded version of The Stage:

“‘Dose’ was part two to a song, ‘Roman Sky,’ that made the record, and we just felt the record was getting a little long and ‘Dose’ was the one song that wasn’t adding anything new to the conceptual arc of the record. It was cool, but towards an hour and 15 minutes on a record you got to cut some stuff out, so ‘Dose’ was the one that got cut…The fans always like to hear the things that don’t make the chopping block. So I think that’s kinda fun to put out there as well. It’s just one extra piece of music that we were proud of but just didn’t feel needed for the record.”

The deluxe The Stage comes out Friday (December 22) and includes five live tracks and all the covers A7X released online during the year. The Stage‘s title track is nominated for Best Rock Song at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.


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