Jersey Rock Artist of the Week: Steve Burks

Rocking Gold Sounds Bar in Brooklyn on Sunday 12/17!

Steve Burks is a lover of whiskey and singer of sad songs.  He is at home behind the mic with an acoustic guitar in hand and a crowd in front of him.  He’s the kind of performer that can easily connect with his audience, whether it be a room packed with bar patrons or a lawn full of families at Pier Village.  He does it all with a certain Bob Dylan-like charm.

Steve Burks released his latest EP “These Nights” back in November.  It is a strong collection of tracks, drawn straight from the artist's core.  The disc is at times downcast, but also brimming with energy.  Steve Burks doesn’t shy away from confronting forlorn themes.  He accepts the adversity, heartbreak, and despair and continues on nevertheless.  “These Nights” is about weathering the storm and looking ahead to daybreak.  Tomorrow always comes, and sometimes it comes with a hangover.

“These Nights” is available now at

Don’t miss Steve Burks at Gold Sounds Bar in Brooklyn on Sunday 12/17.  He joins Bryan McPherson, Charles Ellsworth, and Justin Barry on the bill.  It's a 21+ show.  Doors are at 7 pm.  Tickets are $8 and are available at 

More info at  

Tune to Jersey Rock on 95.9 The Rat on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 11:30 pm to hear cuts from “These Nights.”  Steve Burks will call in to the show each night.

Learn more about Steve Burks on his facebook fan page and at!

Check out Steve Burks full set at The Harp N Bard in Clifton on 3/31/16: