Olivia Harris / Stringer

If A Pill Could Make You Tan, Would You Take it?

Gone are the days of having to lay out in the sun or go to a tanning booth! A group of researchers has just invented a pill that could make you tan. With this pill, you won’t have any sun damage or have to worry about early on-set aging.

The developing drug will essentially trick the body into thinking it is being tanned. It will stimulate the body to produce an increase of melatonin and, according to Thrillist, cause the “skin to temporarily darken”. The best part is that you won’t have to damage your skin in order to obtain that sun-kissed glow!

Now, you aren’t currently able to purchase this pill at your local drugstore, it is currently in development at the Massachusetts General Hospital. The goal of developing this medication was to decrease the number of cases of skin cancer. If everything goes to plan, this pill will become the safest way to tan.

Since the pill will work from the inside out, the salt-inducible kinase or SIK will also reduce the use of self-tanner. It can also help those fair-skinned individuals to achieve a tan without the risk of harming their skin. Researchers have noted that if those individuals who want to achieve a tan ingest the pill prior to going outside, they are able to be out in the sun without burning their skin.

Currently, there is no information on if there are any side effects of the pill. However, as it currently stands it sounds as though there are only positive benefits from this drug.


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