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ICYMI: FFDP’s “Heavy Metal Grandma” Is Our New Favorite Metal Head

Five Finger Death Punch showed it does indeed have fans of all ages over the weekend.

The group was joined on Saturday (November 18) in Norway by a "Special Guest 'Heavy metal Grandma,'" a 70-year-old woman the group members spotted in the first row. The group invited her on stage for "Jekyll & Hyde," during which she jumped around and played air guitar while the band performed the song.

The group posted a video of the performance on Twitter, writing that "She is more metal than you."

Five Finger Death Punch on Twitter

Highlight of the night... Special Guest "Heavy Metal Grandma" - we found this 70 years old lady rocking out in the first row ... She is more metal than you ???????????????????? #heavymetalgrandma #airguitar #doubledevilhorns #LEGEND

FFDP is in the midst of a European tour that wraps up December 21 in lightning, while it's A Decade Of Destruction best-of album comes out December 1, featuring a pair of new songs including the new single "Trouble."

FFDP is also planning to release a new studio album during 2018.


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