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VIDEO: Black Sabbath’s Performance of “N.I.B.” From ‘The End’

Black Sabbath continues to tease towards the November 17 release of The End on CD and home video by dropping a clip of its performance of "N.I.B." from the concert film via the group's social media. 

The song comes from Sabbath's last-ever concert during February in its home town of Birmingham, England and was a fixture throughout the group's year-long farewell tour.

Bassist Geezer Butler tells us that while he and bandmates Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi have no regrets about ending the group, there was a different kind of feeling through The End Tour:

VIDEO: Black Sabbath’s Performance of “N.I.B.” From ‘The End’

"Yeah, the whole thing felt like a special tour. For some reason, it felt like each night had to be our best show ever, because it would be the last time anyone would ever see us. So I think we put in, psychologically, extra effort every night, I think Ozzy was the best that he's been in a long time, and I think the band was probably the best that it was in a long time."

In addition to the full final concert The End also features behind-the-scenes clips and interviews with the band members, along with an assortment of other special features.

Black Sabbath - "N.I.B." from The End

Black Sabbath performing "N.I.B." live for the very last time. Order the entire uninterrupted concert film, live album and the very last in-studio session from the band here at


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