Let's Go Todd Frazier! Let's Go Yankees!

Toms River, New Jersey's own Todd Frazier and the Yankees are one win away from the World Series!  

By now, you probably know the story.  But in case you don't, Frazier grew up in Toms River...and won the Little League World Series in 1998 with his hometown team!

He idolized Derek Jeter and the Yankees as a kid, and even got to meet the Yanks.

Since then, Frazier has played baseball for Rutgers in New Brunswick, and made it to the Big Leagues...where he has even won the MLB Home Run Derby (with the Cincinnati Reds), and had a very good career.

He was acquired by the Yanks this season and has been an integral part of the team.

We're pulling for Todd!  And we're pulling for the Bombers!  Go Yankees!

- East Side Dave